5 Questions Every Family Should Ask to Ensure School Safety

PARKLAND, Fla — Today, Stand with Parkland – The National Association of Families for Safe Schools has released a series of five questions that families need to ask to ensure their children’s safety as the school year begins.

“As the school year begins, we need to refocus on school safety and security of students and staff. We want to give families tools and guidelines to better assess their children’s safety,” said Stand with Parkland President Tony Montalto, a group founded by the families and spouses who lost loved ones in the 2018 Parkland school shooting.

The questions, listed below, address the school’s plans, staff training, and communications:

  1. Does the school have an active shooter policy?
  2. Does the school train all staff members for active shooter scenarios?
  3. Does the school have a single point of entry (access control) during school hours?
  4. Is there a way students and staff can report threats?
  5. How are parents notified when a threat has been made to the school?

To receive the Stand With Parkland guide to these questions, please visit here: https://swparkland.wpenginepowered.com/five-questions.

Stand With Parkland envisions these questions to be a starting point for an extended conversation familes can have with their children’s school officials, teachers, and administrators in order to understand the need for a safety plan and the importance of being engaged in discussions about your children’s safety.