Three Pillars of Change

School safety is a complex issue, and the only way forward is by working together to tackle all of its facets, step-by-step. That’s why at Stand with Parkland, we focus on what we call the “School Safety Triad,” which includes:

  • Enhancing the physical security of each school campus;
  • Improving mental health screening and support programs; and
  • Responsible firearms ownership.

School Safety Enhancements


While violence prevention efforts must start long before an individual decides to threaten a school, there are practical steps we must be taking to protect students and school staff members at the same time. 

    • Every school must have an active shooter plan in place, and all school staff members must be trained on this plan.
    • Schools must have a single point of entrance (access control) during school hours.
    • Schools must have a responsive threat reporting system for their students and staff members, and a procedure in place fornotifying parents of threats.

Mental Health Screening and Support Programs


When students struggling with mental health issues fall through the cracks at school, the risk of harm escalates. It is up to parents and schools to make a real effort to identify kids who need help and provide them the supportive programs and resources they need.

According to the National Threat Assessment Center, “individuals contemplating violence often exhibit observable behaviors, and when community members report these behaviors, the next tragedy can be averted.” 

To read more on their report on this topic, click here.

“By supporting students who are experiencing mental health challenges, schools can help foster a sense of safety and support, prevent worsening of mental health conditions, and create better outcomes.”


Responsible Firearms Ownership


It is time to implement practical firearm laws that ensure firearms are owned and operated safely by responsible adults, such as: 

  • Universal Background Checks;
  • Red Flag laws; and
  • Safestorage laws.
We must all treat the issue of school safety with the complexity it demands. By working with public officials from both sides of the aisle to address it, Stand with Parkland has made remarkable progress and become the most effective group to arise out of the Parkland tragedy.

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