Stand with Parkland is a national organization representing American families. We are committed to advocating for practical public safety reforms focused on the safety of our children and staff at school, improved mental health support, and responsible firearms ownership. Personal responsibility and a desire for change are paramount to this effort, and it is the people involved at all levels that will make these goals a reality. Violence in our schools affects everyone. It is an American epidemic, and it is time that we all come together to do something about it.


Over 20 years have gone by since the devastating events that unfolded at Columbine, yet our country has scarcely made progress in addressing the root causes of violence in our schools. Mental health, easy access to weapons and lack of security all contribute to this American epidemic.

Enough is enough. We should never have to worry about our loved ones’ safety in our schools.

As the families of the Parkland shooting deceased victims we ask all parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, and children in our American family to help prevent this senseless violence. We need to come together to do something about it. Empty promises are not acceptable, and while kind thoughts and prayers are always welcome, they are not enough.


Republicans and Democrats are both affected by this problem; it is an American tragedy. Stand with Parkland represents the interests of American families.

We work with policymakers at all levels of government and in both political parties to develop and enact into law policies that address all of the many facets that lead to violence in our schools.

We also work with community and school leaders to implement educational programs that combat bullying, and we provide support programs for the family and communities who are the victims of school violence.

Our objective is to understand the problem and develop policies that address the issue. We are a national organization, representing the interests of American families, working with teachers, law enforcement and lawmakers to make sure those solutions are implemented in our schools.

Stand With Parkland advocates for practical public safety reforms that ensure every child’s right to attend school free of fear.


We understand this is a complex problem, and addressing it in a real and impactful way demands a holistic approach that addresses the triad of school safety:

School safety enhancements

Example: Securing the perimeters


Example: Identifying the kids that need help and create effective support programs for them


Example: Universal background checks

Stand with Parkland.

Stand Strong Against Violence In America’s Schools.