Statement from Stand with Parkland on Biden Administration’s Public Safety Initiatives

Stand with Parkland – The National Association of Families for Safe Schools applauds the Biden-Harris Administration for taking action to help ensure responsible firearms ownership. 

Many of these proposed actions are simple, pragmatic steps that can save lives. Red Flag laws, eliminating “ghost guns”, and increasing funding for the School Violence Protection Program are vitally important. It’s also time for the Senate to vote on the widely supported background check bills already passed by the House.

In our first meeting with the Administration’s Domestic Policy team we spoke about the importance of Red flag laws, which could have prevented the murder of our loved ones three years ago. These laws already exist in 20 states, and provide due process rights for individuals and allow family members and law enforcement to have the ability to temporarily remove firearms from individuals in who are a threat to themselves or others. The development of model “red flag” legislation at the state and federal level will be an important first step in making our schools and communities safer.    

Additionally, Stand with Parkland supports background checks on all firearms purchases, including so-called ghost guns and other gun-making kits. Closing this loophole will help ensure that only responsible firearms owners, who follow the law, have access to firearms. It is critical to prevent people who cannot pass existing background checks from purchasing firearms.  

Finally, Stand with Parkland supports the Administration’s attempts to protect America’s students and teachers by providing $53M in grants through the Department of Justice for the School Violence Prevention Program, which provides funding for equipment, technology, and training to directly address school violence.  

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or Adam Smith