Stand With Parkland Statement on the Latest Shootings

“Stand with Parkland stands with victims and their family members in the aftermath of the latest mass shootings. All the facts surrounding these murders are not yet known, but we know from experience that in far too many of these cases there are warning signs and red flags that could or should have led to an intervention before the violence occurred. Stand with Parkland focuses our attention on improving safety for our nation’s students and staff at school and many of the measures we advocate for translate into enhanced safety for the broader community as well.

Lockdowns during the COVID crisis have curtailed mass shootings, but as the country reopens all of us must be alert for people struggling with mental health issues and be prepared to alert law enforcement and other authorities who can get them help.” said Tony Montalto president of Stand with Parkland – The National Association of Families for Safe Schools.

Stand with Parkland has worked with the US Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) when they introduced their Protecting America’s Schools report which continued to focus on using behavioral threat assessment techniques to proactively prevent attacks by getting people help before they resort to violence. On March 30th there will be a presentation of NTAC’s latest report Averting Targeted Attacks and I’m sure some of the material that will be covered can be applied to make not only our schools but our entire communities safer.  

We need action! Current laws regarding firearms ownership must be enforced on the streets and we call on Congress to enhance background checks for firearms purchases, pass the NICS Denial Notification Act, and pass a “red flag” or risk protection order law to help ensure firearms stay in the hands of responsible individuals. Our nation must come together and find solutions that help keep our schools and communities safe.