Press Release: Parent of Child Killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Stand With Parkland President, Tony Montalto, Speaks on Trial of Negligent School Resource Officer That Contributed to Death of 17

(Parkland, FL) – Today, at the beginning of the trial of Deputy Scot Peterson, the school resource officer who remained outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School 5 years ago, contributed to 17 students and teachers to be slain on school grounds, Tony Montalto, President of Stand with Parkland and Father of Gina Rose responds to the first day in the courtroom with the following statement:

“I am deeply concerned and utterly frustrated by the egregious failure of Deputy Peterson, as I find myself in the courtroom with him.” said President of Stand with Parkland and Father of Gina Rose, Tony Montalto “It is nothing short of disheartening to witness the unfolding of this criminal case, particularly due to the specific portion of the law that applies. Among the many failures that contributed to this devastating outcome and the loss of 17 innocent lives, Deputy Peterson stands as a prominent figure. It is crucial to emphasize that he is not a victim in this situation; rather, his actions, or lack thereof, directly contributed to the tragic events that unfolded that day. His unforgivable negligence resulted in the endangerment of the students and teachers on that tragic day. The gravity of his failure is further magnified by the fact that he and his fellow members of the Broward County Sheriff’s office were unable to stop the shooter on campus, and their blatant disregard of established policies prior to that horrific day and for the lives of the students only exacerbated the tragedy. This situation demands immediate attention and action, as it reflects a grave injustice that cannot be overlooked.”

Stand with Parkland and the families of the victims of the shooting continue to advocate for comprehensive school safety legislation as there has been increased support to help protect America’s students and teachers following the tragedy in Parkland, the passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act and most recent mass school shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, that garnered national attention.


Stand with Parkland – The National Association of Families for Safe Schools

Stand with Parkland is a national organization representing American families. We are committed to advocating for practical public safety reforms focused on the safety of our children and staff at school, improved mental health support, and responsible firearms ownership. Personal responsibility and a desire for change are paramount to this effort, and it is the people involved at all levels that will make these goals a reality.